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4WD Central Townsville

Your one-stop shop for all things 4WD, camping, fishing and adventure in North Queensland.

4WD Central was established in 2011 and has undergone some recent changes reopening in early 2022. Our aim is to provide our guests with exemplary products, services, and information for all things 4-wheel driving, camping, fishing, and adventure in North Queensland. This will include information and blogs on the best local places to get off road and into the outback. We strive to provide our customers with quality information regarding how to live the best adventure lifestyle possible, and how we can help you achieve it? We know that no matter whether you are a seasoned veteran of the adventure lifestyle, or if you are just beginning your journey, there is always something new to learn, or a new experience to be had. There is so much to be seen and so much to do in this extraordinary corner of Australia – with the right equipment and preparation, you can explore everything it has to offer. 4WD Central is here to help you!

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What does 4WD Central have to offer to you?

Here at 4WD Central, we live and breathe 4WD, outdoor lifestyle, and adventure! Being as passionate as you are, we’d love to share our expert advice, product tips, as well as trip ideas with you to make your outdoor adventure as exciting, yet comfortable and safe as possible. We also offer services that include installations and upgrades for your vehicle, no matter the make or model. These services include suspension upgrades, lighting for your vehicle, and bull bar installation to name but a few. Our team of product specialists can recommend the best equipment to meet your requirements for your vehicle including accessories and safety equipment.

4WD Central Products

Our product selection ranges from kayaks to fishing, camping gear and offroad accessories.

Our specialists can also help you select the finest products to add to your collection to ensure you have the best experience in the great outdoors! We’d love to show you our wide range of kayaks, fishing equipment, camping gear and offroad accessories and help you select the best products to suit your needs. We also offer a variety of payment options you can use to ensure that you can get whatever it is you need for your next trip!

Blogs, Videos and Podcasts

To further you on your journey, you can also check out our content on how to 4-wheel drive, maintenance tips, North Queensland trips, and more on our Explore page. Here at 4WD Central, we are passionate about living the best life North Queensland has to offer, and these values are reflected by our dedicated team and our founders. Check out our blogs, short videos and podcasts which we will be adding to as we continue our journey for more information about the expertise and advice we can share with you!

The services that we offer at 4WD Central Townsville

Suspension Upgrades

Here at 4WD Central, we can perform a 4WD suspension upgrade from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) no matter the vehicle. These upgrades can help you carry more weight for your journey and gives you more accessibility for those hard-to-reach offroad tracks. You will get more clearance under your vehicle to enhance your vehicles performance offroad. Utilising our suspension upgrade services will make your vehicle more capable and will make your 4-wheel drive experience smoother and more enjoyable!

Vehicle Lighting

If you are looking to upgrade your lighting, be sure to come into our store to check out our interactive display items on the shop floor! Take advantage of our highly knowledgeable product specialists, who can ensure that your decision is informed. They will also help you understand the equipment so that you purchase the best item for your situation. Alongside our suspension upgrades, we can install your chosen lighting so that your shopping experience is swifter and more affordable.

Bull Bars

At 4WD Central, we have a large variety of bull bars to suit your vehicle. Our product specialists can identify the appropriate bull bar for you and can have them installed by our expert service providers alongside any other upgrades or installations you choose! If you want to make sure your vehicle is protected from any complications that may happen whilst you are 4-wheel driving, consult our team of specialists about our bull bar range and installations.


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Client Testimonials

What do our clients have to say about us?

  • Brian & Wendy

    We would like to give a big shout out to all staff member's at Toyota and 4wd central as everyone involved directly or indirectly for the build of our Hilux extra cab have been EXCEPTIONAL !!!!

    The attention to detail is AMAZING this vehicle has emerged from the work shop FAR exceeding our expectations. We cannot thank you all enough.

  • Nick Gobbert

    Had an off-road animal predator bar and uhf fitted here and was more than happy with the service and workmanship. Very happy and would highly recommend.

  • Chris Barber

    Just ordered a set of 3-Way Adjustable Dobinsons Shocks for my patrol and was assisted by Jake. Dude was good to go and happy to help where needed/providing different quotes. Really happy with his service. Keen to get them installed!
    Thanks mate!

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